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Snow, Ice, Water, Reflections, Tree Stump

Snow, Ice, Water, Reflections, Tree Stump

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French Broad River, Asheville, NC

A river’s water takes on a wide variety of forms in response to the cold of the winter season. Here, a small tributary is largely frozen, nearly still. A thin and fragile sheet of ices both supports freshly fallen snow and reflects tree and sky forms beyond. While the major movement is curvilinear, it recedes to a sharp and angular point at its apex, which is echoed by the pointy tree stump emerging through the ice from below. The curvilinear (the feminine) and the angular (the masculine) coexist beautifully. Though forms are still, there is a subtle sense of aliveness– life’s energies summarized in one small detail.

Handcrafted Platinum/Palladium Print.

Mamiya 645 Pro, Mamiya Sekor 80mm f/2.8, January 2018