Handcrafted Heirloom Photographic Prints


Photographs by David Aimone and Steven Aimone


The gift of art is an exceedingly thoughtful, loving, and personal one. The selection of a particular piece of art to give however, is a task often filled with anxiety and indecision.

Questions regarding the worth of a non-functional, non-utilitarian object can be difficult to navigate. Attempting to determine what subject matter or type of presentation will resonate with the recipient can be difficult as well. And there are few if any resources out there to help guide one on the journey.

Photographer/brothers David Aimone and Steven Aimone would like to encourage you to give a solstice/holiday gift of one of their photographs by offering The Solstice Collection-- three works by each artist that speak to the time of year adjacent to the Solstice and the year-end holidays associated with it. Each is a one of a kind photographic image, loving hand-crafted, and available in one or both of the following print types: palladium/platinum and silver gelatin.

A piece of art is something of great and intangible value. It is becomes a part of your environment. You experience and enjoy it everyday. It becomes a part of your life! So take the opportunity to look through the following, specially-selected images and see whether one might be the perfect gift for a loved one, collector friend... or perhaps even yourself and, in turn, those you share your life with.


David Aimone Steven Aimone