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New Online Shop for Hand-Made Archival Photographic Prints!!!

Aimone Photographic is launching it's online shop for our unique, individually crafted heirloom photographic images.  David Aimone, photographer, is now committing many of the images that he has captured through the years to prints using alternative processes, combining historic and the high tech approaches.  Each print is unique and takes hours, sometimes days, to create.  There is more information on each process here.

All prints use handcrafted, hand-coated, archival processes. No two prints are exactly the same.  While the photographer does not issue a set number of print per images, editions are limited by the fact that only one or two prints are made at a time.  The cost of paper and chemicals and time spent making each print ensure that a limited number of prints are created. Some processes, like gum bichromate, produce images that are one of a kind and not repeatable as exact copies.

From Adriana Teresa Letorney, Founder, www.visura.com:

"David Aimone’s images reflect on the very essence of human life. His is an exploration between his own personal and intimate relationship with his self—in body and mind—and his interaction with forms in the visible world. A reminder of Hemingway’s man versus man, man versus nature, man versus himself—Aimone’s intimate portraits allow the viewer to experience the photographs’ inherent narrative content. With a soft pictorial approach and a strong sense of romanticism, Aimone’s images depict his quest for and fascination with beauty, whether he is portraying the figure in its natural form, or so-called inanimate forms in nature."

 All prints are sold matted (not framed) and signed by the artist.  Reduced pricing per print reflects direct artist sales without gallery commissions.

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Coming Soon

We have some additions planned for this shop in the coming weeks and months.
  • Constant additions of new images/prints
  • Blog posts and other information offering insights and tutorials on print processes used
  • Related photographic supplies on sale through the shop from a large, well known photographic vendor
  • Alternative process prints from other artists
  • Promotions and special offers

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