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I've returned to the Darkroom!!!

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Those of you who received the last post may remember that I was on a self-imposed exile from the darkroom due to health issues.  I've taken the time to implement better ventilation and safety procedures, and now I'm back printing, at least with some of the processes that I use...

The first process I've returned to is a new one: Bromoil.  It involves a traditional darkroom print that is then bleached, and manually brought back to life with a brush and lithographic ink.  Here's are some examples.


The process is interesting and time consuming, and involves ink and brushes.  Here's time-lapse video of inking the first image above:

Of course, part of making bromoil prints is making the original silver gelatin, or old-fashioned darkroom prints.  So I've begun making these kinds of prints again as well:

 And will get back to color soon hopefully...

Blast from the Flickr past (The Southwest 2015)


 If you're new to the blog, you may want to take a look at some of the previous posts which take a look at other handmade print types that I do and that are available...

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